Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Web Designer.....NOT

People tell me I'm "A Jack (Jill if they're PC) of all trades." I'm flattered; however, there is one trade I am failing in and that is Web Designer. I have three websites I'm trying to launch to cover my three passions: writing, project management, and glass art. I am getting them so botched up it's comical. I've hired help, but I'm even getting them confused.

I'm just too impatient. And I know better! I spent several years as a project manager for website development and I know how long it can take. I've been lulled by the claims of "Use this software/theme/tool and you'll be up tonight!" I suppose that could be true if I knew PHP. I don't. So, I gamely plod on (I CAN do this!), how-to-books by my side, web side how-to's up in the background. I'm inching forward. Sigh.

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  1. I know it's radical, but how about one site at a time, and not fancy php to start, just some basic html ? And don't forget I want to see the change request signed off in full... :)
    If you want photos there are some very simple gallery sites about -

    is one of the very best.