Monday, May 18, 2009

To Edit, To Be Edited

This morning I finished editing a nonfiction book proposal. This project came to me the same day I was told by an editor that the first chapter of a fiction book proposal I submitted needed to be reworked.

The timing of these events has my inner voice (you know, the one that talks to you all the time) talking to me about editing in general.

I genuinely like being edited. My ego is not dented by either line editing or copy editing. It's part of the process to make something good into something great. What I don't like is being rewritten. If rewriting is required, let me do it.

What I've discovered in my career is if someone thinks a sentence or paragraph needs rewriting the actual problem may have occurred in a previous sentence or paragraph. Their reading progression stumbled for some reason and it is my job to fix that uneven road.

Today I am rubbing my hands with glee as I prepare to rewrite the beginning of my novel. Onward!

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